Michigan Agriculture Leaders Write Open Letter To President Trump

As President Donald Trump starts his term in office many businesses are reaching out, the Michigan food industry included.

Michigan’s agricultural leaders took to pen and paper to ask a favor of our new president.

President of the Michigan Milk Produce Association, Ken Nobis says, “For the dairy industry in Michigan and in the United States to continue to grow we need access to export markets. We hope that they recognize the value of exports to this country and that they would understand and respect the importance.”

Farmers say dairy is just one of the exports that benefit Michigan economy.

The higher the exports – the lower the price.

“So we produce about 10 billion pounds of milk a year in Michigan,” says Nobis, “It’s an area that’s been growing very rapidly, it contributes a lot of money to the Michigan economy.”

But just how much money does Michigan make from these dairy deals?

Nobis says, “For every dollar of revenue spent on a dairy farm or revenue on a dairy farm, you probably multiply it by like seven in the total economy.”

These money making trades are primarily with Canada, Asia, and largely Mexico for now.

Big rapids dairy farmer, Dale Jernstadd says, it’s no wonder other nations are hungry for Michigan milk; “There is no better source of food I don’t care whatever food you got, vegetables dairy or beef or pork or any of that it’s the best in the nation.”

Agriculture officials and Michigan farmers alike hope the new administration will take their letter into consideration so that everyone can benefit from new international alliances.

“There’s give and take on trade there’s no one side wins 100% and the other side loses 100%, if that happens you don’t have trade it’s just very important going forward that we do have trade,” says Nobis.

In addition to maintaining trade agreements the letter calls for adding to existing agreements so the U.S. can work with South America, Cuba, and beyond.