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Vitamin C: What Your Body Really Needs

Promo Image: Vitamin C: What Your Body Really Needs

Vitamin C is many people’s go to remedy for cold symptoms, but you could be taking too much..

Experts say after about 500 milligrams Vitamin C doesn’t do much.

In fact eating a healthy diet. getting plenty of rest, and not pushing yourself too far is a better cold remedy than any medicine.

Cadillac Doctor, Martin Dubravec says at a certain point the Vitamin can even do more harm than good; “If a patient has a problem with their kidneys for instance, and they take high doses of Vitamin C it could become toxic. They may be wasting their time or money if they’re taking really high doses.”

Taking too much Vitamin C can result in nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

Doctors ask if you are taking Vitamin C supplements to keep track of how much you’re taking.