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MSP Arrests Suspected Drunk Driver In Missaukee County

Promo Image: MSP Arrests Suspected Drunk Driver In Missaukee County

State police say a man found driving drunk in Northern Michigan could be an illegal immigrant tied to similar crimes across the country.

It started with a call from central dispatch about a person driving across the center and fog lines.

A trooper caught up with the car on M-55 near Merritt Road in Missaukee County’s Enterprise Township.

Manuel Luna-Salinas was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit and not having a license.

Then, troopers found he had multiple aliases in several states and had illegally re-entered the country.

They also found he had DUI charges elsewhere.

 "We do get people that give us different names to hide their identity because they have warrants or someone’s suspended or they use a relative’s name versus giving their name," says Sgt. David Johnson, Houghton Lake MSP. "We can pull up driver photos when we are on traffic stops and we have some fingerprint ID machines that hook directly up to our computer that access fingerprint records so that we can find out who they are."

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is still investigating the case.