Tip Up Town Brings Business To Houghton Lake

With Tip Up Town USA kicking into high gear in Houghton Lake, local businesses are seeing lots of people.

The two weekend festival is the highlight of the winter for many businesses in Houghton Lake.

Little Boots Country Diner is just one of the many businesses seeing lots of people come in for a meal.

They say most are coming in for breakfast right after they get off of the ice.

For American Oak Resort, Tip Up Town is their biggest weekend in the winter months.

Overall, Houghton Lake appreciates the amount of people the celebration brings in.

“Tip Up Town is a wonderful event for the whole community a little community like this, we really depend on our guests and Tip Up Town brings people around from miles. We have folks who come year after year after year before they even leave they book for the next year. They will come up, they don’t care what the weather is like they are coming for Tip Up Town,” says Joanna Franchino, American Oak Resort.

Tip Up Town USA will continue next weekend.

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