Two Isabella Co. Men Charged With Weapons Crimes, Guns Confiscated

Two semi-automatic rifles were confiscated.

Isabella County deputies say two men randomly started firing them from their car.

Deputies say the men had been drinking Wednesday night and had two uncased semi-automatic rifles in their car.

They were tipped off about men shooting from their car into a field on Shepherd and Weidman roads.

Deputies tracked down Andrew Vasquez and Rahman Muhammad.

They found the two guns in the car and spent casings.

Deputies say this is a serious offense even if there was no one in the field and no homes in the area of the shooting.

The Isabella County Sheriff, Michael Main says that drinking and guns don’t mix well.

“Alcohol and firearms are two separate things so you can enjoy both but you shouldn’t ever enjoy both of them together,” Main said.

Both men are charged with weapons crimes.