Michigan Congressmen Issue Statements Following President Trump’s Inaugural Address

President Donald Trump was sworn into presidency Friday afternoon.

Congressmen issued statements following his inaugural address.

“It was an honor to witness the historic and peaceful transfer of power at the Capitol today. Best wishes to President Donald Trump and his family as he takes on the enormous responsibilities and duties as our nation’s president and commander-in-chief,” Congressman John Moolenaar said.

Congressman for Michigan’s 2nd District, Bill Huizenga says that because of the vote of millions of Americans, we have already begun to see results.

“Millions of Americans, including the majority of West Michigan, voted to change the direction of our nation and we have already begun to see the results. Companies are bringing jobs back, investing in America, and most importantly, creating thousands of jobs right here in Michigan,” he said.

He said he is looking forward to working with the newly sworn in president.

“I look forward to working with President Trump and Vice President Pence to further strengthen our economy, end the ‘Washington knows best’ mentality, and make it easier for hardworking families and small businesses across West Michigan to succeed,” Congressman Huizenga said.

Congressman Dan Kildee congratulates President Trump and says he hopes after a bitter and partisan campaign, our new president will rise to the occasion and be a president for all Americans.

He says he will join thousands of Michiganders to speak out against his policies.

“Like many, I have continued concerns with President Trump’s rhetoric and temperament. On Saturday, I will join thousands of Michiganders who are marching on Washington to speak out against the reckless policies President Trump has already prioritized that would take our country in the wrong direction. My constituents want me to hold the new President and Republicans in Congress accountable and I intend to do so over the coming years,” Congressman Dan Kildee said.