Houghton Lake Pressure Crack Spans 2 Miles

Avoid this on Houghton Lake, a pressure crack.

From above, you can see it’s a massive one with our nine and ten news drone. 

Right now that pressure crack is at least two miles long. 
It rips through the lake and can be seen for miles.

With a mild Tip Up Town weekend ahead, the ice will continue to melt. 
And while the ice is still fairly thick people should be careful if they go out on it. 
"Ice is never safe but this year we have a good 10 to 12 inches in most places there’s some pressure cracks everyone that calls I tell call the experts call Lyman’s, Corbinskis, the DNR, the Sheriff’s Department, always be safe," said Kim Akin.
Because of the pressure crack the Tip Up Town Festival had to cancel their fireworks this weekend. 
If you do decide to go out on it use safety gear and always make sure at least one other person is with you.     

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