Mecosta County Road Commission Works To Clear Roads, Residents Decide Whether Or Not To Stay Home

"It wouldn’t be so bad if they just come up here with maybe a sand truck or something."

Ardena Ellard is one of many forced to make a choice. Brave roads like this one for groceries, or stay home.

"My husband being ill and not being able to get to the grocery store to get my food and stuff. it scares me," she said.

In Mecosta County things are just as slippery.

"We are on the secondary gravels today and hope to be through the majority of them by the end of the day," Joyce Randall said.

Joyce Randall and the rest of the Mecosta County Road Commission are scraping and salting.

But side and gravel roads present issues, and there’s a lot of them throughout the county.

"We’re trying to get to you. We do go out if there is emergency ahead of the ambulance and stuff. We try to assist them. It’s the same conditions for our guys and they’ve been working hard, long hours to get them out," Randall said.

Ardena says driving slow can make sure you get to where you need to go.

"People on this road tend to take it a little easy, course, we’re from Michigan, so we are used to it," Ardena said.

Even though you this road is grated, the road commission says this can be deceptively dangerous.

Crews fear standing water from melting ice will fill the cracks.