Chippewa County Prosecutor Clears Troopers, Deputy Involved in Shooting

The Chippewa County prosecutor has cleared a trooper for shooting a man back in November.

It all started at a home in Hulbert when two troopers and a deputy were called for a domestic dispute.

When they got there, Joshua Stead took off in his truck.

Troopers say stead then rammed his truck into a patrol car, injuring a trooper.

Another trooper shot Stead when he said the man came after them. 

"It helps when you have the support of the prosecutor’s office as well as other law enforcement agencies so our troopers know that if they need to use deadly force to eliminate a threat to protect themselves or protect the public, they have the support of the prosecutor and law enforcement agencies around us," Michigan State Police F./Lt. Joseph Shier said.

The prosecutor says the the use of force by the deputy and troopers were justified.

Stead is charged with trying to kill the troopers and deputy.

He will be back in court Friday.