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The Facts Behind Breaking Allergy Research

Promo Image: The Facts Behind Breaking Allergy Research

Food allergies can be especially dangerous for young children, but before you jump to follow new guidelines, make sure you know the facts that back them up.

Aria Cucinella is a normal Cadillac kid who struggles with a severe milk allergy that she says she would “be a totally different person without.”

Her mom, Mindy first discovered Aria’s condition when she switched to milk solution.

“I ran upstairs and I found her in her room,” says Mindy, “she was red head to toe like a sunburn so I grabbed her and my husband and I took her to the emergency room and that was the first time the word food allergy came up.”

Now a new study by the National Institute of Health has Mindy wondering if Aria’s allergy could have been avoided by exposing her to milk earlier in life, “kinda makes me wonder if I had been supplementing with formula along the way if she might have not been allergic to milk.”

The study shows by exposing infants to common foods that can trigger allergies early on, their immune systems will build up a tolerance.

Cadillac Area Allergist, Doctor Martin Dubravec tells us, “the theory is that you’re introducing those foods early so the immune system is learning at an early age that things are okay.”

However the medical community warns the research is not fool proof.

What they do know for sure is that early exposure to these foods is good, but Dubravec warns, don’t change your diet too much; “That’s the problem, not everybody who has an early introduction to foods is gonna avoid being allergic. Eat what you regularly eat and don’t worry about what you’re eating as far as introducing certain foods or avoiding certain foods.”

For kids like Aria who already have these allergies, it’s important to keep their environment clean and safe so simple activities like eating at school don’t have to be so scary.

For families of children with allergies there is a Cadillac area support group where they can share their struggles and solutions.

To contact the group email