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Governor Snyder’s Speech Draws Reaction From Lawmakers

Tuesday’s speech by the governor drew plenty of reaction from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, including those from Northern Michigan.

9&10’s David Lyden was in Lansing thought-out the day and night talking with lawmakers about the issues facing Northern Michigan and if the plans the governor laid out in his speech will address the needs of Northern Michigan

The reaction as you might expect was mostly along party lines.

“I can see the confidence in our governor,”

The Governor’s state of the state address largely drawing praise from republic lawmakers, including Senator Wayne Schmidt.

“I thought it was a good state of the state what I thought made it a great State of the State was all the information the Governor’s had all the successes he put out there,” says Senator Wayne Schmidt.

But even some Republicans acknowledged some parts of Northern Michigan still need more work.

State Senator Darwin Booher says even though the governor touted jobs and economic growth, parts of Northern Michigan still have yet to see the full benefits

“Maybe a little more expansion, a little more investment, a little more input for our schools, maybe could have been a little more focused on that in our part of the state education is our future,” Booher said.

With the governor discussing the flint water crisis for less than five minutes, democratic lawmakers say Snyder is missing key issues still plaguing Michigan.

“How do we engage our communities? There are people in our state who don’t feel that the economy is working for them, how do we help them, how do we make sure they don’t feel that economic anxiety that they’re feeling day in and day out,” Representative Sam Singh said.

 Lawmakers had more to say about the impact the governor’s plans would have in the state, and if they go far enough for Northern Michigan.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was in Lansing through the night after the speech talking with lawmakers about what the governor said and what it could mean for Northern Michigan, we’ll have an in depth look later Wednesday night on 9&10 News.

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