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Soo Locks Officially Close For The Season

The Soo Locks officially closed Sunday night at midnight, halting the vessel traffic from Lake Superior to Lake Huron and beyond.

The 1,000 foot tug-barge combo, Presque Isle, made its way slowly into the Poe Lock around 10 o’clock Sunday night.

It will continue on its journey to northeastern Ohio.

As every shipping season comes to an end in the Soo, the "boat nerds" come and bid farewell to the final vessel passing through.

“These boats have been a part of my life ever since I was a little guy,” says Lifelong Boat Nerd, Don Crawford. “They are just exciting when you stand here when you hear those big engines rumble by!”

The locks will be closed until March 25.

During this time, regular maintenance work will be done, while the hydraulic system gets upgraded and crews finish anchorage replacements on the larger of the 2 locks, The Poe Lock.

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