Update: Woman Arraigned For Letting Unlicensed Person Drive, Transporting An Open Container


Kelly Jo Thompson is now arraigned on charges of allowing an unlicensed person to drive and transporting an open container in a car as a passenger.

No one was hurt when the car rolled over Saturday on Gibson road near US 10 in Mason County.

Deputies say Thompson was drinking during a party at her house and was the only adult there.

The kids at the house needed a ride home. The underage driver is not in trouble.


Deputies say a woman was drunk in the backseat of a car with an alcohol bottle.         

They say she let a 14 year old drive and they crashed.

The sheriff says the teen driver did not have any alcohol in his system and was driving because she could not.

The rollover crash happened Saturday on Gibson road near US-10.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was in Mason County and got more details.

“She made a horrible series of bad decisions," says Sheriff Kim Cole, Mason County Sheriff’s Department.

A scary situation after a 14 year old driver flipped a woman’s car.

The teen was driving because she was too drunk.

The sheriff says he volunteered.

“He didn’t feel the owner of the car who was supposed to be driving, was fit to be driving because she was intoxicated,” says Cole.

The sheriff says she rode in the back seat of a car drinking, while the teen dropped off other kids.

But he soon lost control of this car and flipped it on Gibson Road

Luckily no one was hurt.

“The civil side of it, if someone would have been injured or he had hit another vehicle, the civil side of her decisions would have been quite substantial,’ says Cole.

The driver was not in trouble and woman was arrested for allowing an unlicensed person to drive and for having open alcohol in the car.

“We’re really fortunate that no one was hurt. The vehicle was rolled over, the young man had said to the deputies he felt the car start to lose control and he just had no idea what to do. He had no idea how to react to it. So you know my personal feeling is she made a horrible series of bad decisions,” says Cole.

The sheriff expects more charges when the woman is arraigned on Thursday.

“I clearly think there is more that needs to be done here then basically traffic tickets, I mean she put this young man in a very bad spot,” says Cole.