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Locals React To Ice Rescue on Antrim County Lake

Promo Image: Locals React To Ice Rescue on Antrim County Lake

Two men were snowmobiling on Lake Skegemog when they fell through the ice.

It’s a story we first brought you over the weekend.

It happened Saturday afternoon in Milton Township in Antrim County.

The sheriff’s office says Dustin Coffman and Michael Stump are from Indiana and were snowmobiling across the lake.

They both fell through.

One of them was able to get back to shore, the other stood on top of his snowmobile until he was rescued.

They were both sent to Munson Medical Center for Hypothermia and released later that day.

“You hear about people falling through all the time but to actually see that happen to somebody.”

Rick Peterson’s home sits at the point of Lake Skegemog where it meets Elk Lake.

Saturday afternoon he went outside and heard the two snowmobilers.

“So I walked over to the Elk Lake side and saw them come out on the ice where it had been open water two or three days previous so I didn’t pay much attention at the time, then I heard one of them.”

Out of curiosity he went to the other side and that’s when he saw the man in the water and called 911.

“I probably talked to them five or six different times to try to keep them calm and let them know someone was on the way.”

And while Rick’s initial thoughts were shock, he and other locals say it’s known as “The Narrows,” a tricky spot.

Rick says, “It was really something to actually witness, something like that. There have been people out on Skegemog Lake, but at the other end where the ice is thick and safe.”

Ron Dork ice fishes on the lake often and says, “The narrows is a transition between Lake Skegemog and Elk Lake and there are currents going through there that you might not be aware of.”

Locals were still out on the other side of the lake Monday ice fishing. They say it’s all about being aware.

Dork says, “I’ve fished here for very many years and I know where to fish, where not to go. I mean I have fished by the narrows before in Lake Skegemog but it’s been later in the year when the ice is thicker and you know what you’re doing.”