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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Chill Out for Winter Safety

Jack’s Journal: Chill Out for Winter Safety

Sliding down a slippery snowy hill is a lot of fun, but it can be dangerous. 

Little Carly Budrow was out with friends at the annual Snow Fun Day when her tube left the hill. Carly struck the back of her head on a small, innocent looking tree and was killed. After her family caught their breath, they acted.

“My family and I wanted to do something to let people know that it’s not a safe hill. We want to make it a safer hill. So we got with friends, and family, and community and we renovated the hill and made it an awesome sledding hill,” says Tammie Budrow, Chill Out for Winter Safety.

Building up the sides to keep sleds on the hill, putting up breakaway fencing and creating a bunny hill for the little ones, the community came together! But one thing kept bugging Tammie.

“I didn’t know she should have a helmet while sledding,” explains Tammie.

So she began to organize once again, to get to the kids in schools. Teaming with Safe Kids and Munson trauma, she began Chill Out for Winter Safety, stressing four winter rules.

“Always dress appropriately for the weather.  Always have the proper gear, and if you’re doing something fast you should be wearing a helmet. Always ask permission, and make sure you have a buddy with you,” says Tammie.

In a few weeks Fife Lake’s Winter Fun Days will come around again, the 10th anniversary of the accident. The Budrow family is proud of their accomplishments but…

“I struggle with people thinking the Snow Fun Day is a memorial day to Carly, that’s not what it is. It’s not about Carly, because of what happened to Carly this stuff is all happening. It’s really about keeping kids safe and getting the word out about winter safety,” explains Tammie.