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Ferris State University Celebrates MLK Day

Promo Image: Ferris State University Celebrates MLK Day

People across the country honored the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his fight for civil rights.

That included students, staff and community members at Ferris State University in Big Rapids.

As a little girl growing up in Chicago Karen Royster-James lived through the dawn of the civil rights movement and saw firsthand the impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had on America.

“I was a little bit sad about the treatment because being little, you want everyone to be happy together. So that’s some of what I thought of as a child. I asked a lot of questions about why this why that. I think there’s been some change made, but I still think there’s more work to do,” said Royster-James.

Karen was one of dozens of people who gathered to honor Dr. King and carry on the message he spread to so many, one that transformed a country.

“I hope people truly take away an opportunity to reflect on what they’ve done for others, what they’ve done to spread the message of love and that message of service to promoting social justice. That’s what I hope people take away the most from today,” said Michael Wade of the Office of Multicultural Student Services.  

Much of what doctor king fought against is on display on campus at the Jim Crow museum. A powerful reminder on this day of the change Dr. King helped lead and why his message is just as important today.

“It’s a great time to come together and find how we come together as a community to address some of our issues that we face so it should be about positive change,” said Wade.

“There is no limit for this. This can spread across the world, just to let people know what’s going on and we can’t put a limit on this. Let’s just keep spreading it around, let’s keep going,” said student Edward Lynn Jr.