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A New Generation Weighs In On MLK Day

Promo Image: A New Generation Weighs In On MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a chance to reflect on what our country has been through, how far we’ve come, and where we stand today.

Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as a man who led the fight for equality in the most loving way.

History Professor at Central Michigan University, Tara McCarthy says, “Here’s someone who was so powerful and so positive that we continued to know his words that even small children can tell you who Martin Luther King was. Martin Luther King taught that back in the 60s you know that you don’t fight violence with violence.”

Amidst hate and segregation, McCarthy informs us that the revolutionist always stood on the side of peace; “So even though he lived in a time of tremendous violence and even a time where you know what they were battling against was so, could be at times so hateful he continued to give this very positive message and project this image of equality that could happen if people could just sit down and really work out their differences and figure out a way to create a world where people are truly integrated.”

In Dr. King’s most famous speech he told people his dream of love, nonviolence, and equality.

At Central Michigan University some students say they see that dream taking effect while others tell us there’s always room to grow.

“His dream did come true,” says Central Michigan Sophomore, Melina Evans. “Things were so bad back then and so now there’s so much love and so much like peace now compared to back then.”

Dr. King’s is a message many like Senior Terrance McCoy say, aligns well with the social issues we face today’ “The same problems that he talked about in the 60s are the same things that we’re facing today even on a higher level. So it’s always good to remember who actually brought the attention towards us and how we can actually better that man’s vision.”

Whether your believe we are currently living king’s dream, or that we’re still far from it, McCarthy says we can all agree there are always obstacles to overcome; “I hear a lot of people saying you know, things have changed, it’s not like that anymore and yes that’s true but saying that things have changed and maybe things have improved doesn’t mean that there aren’t still obstacles to overcome.”

Central Michigan University will be holding a peace march and vigil today to honor Dr. King.

Traverse City’s Pathfinder is hosting 2nd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and Concert.

Brooklyn poet, rapper and human rights activist Mahogany Jones will headline the annual MLK Remembrance Day event at the State Theatre in Traverse City.

North Central Michigan College will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with activities for students, faculty and staff as well as the general public. All activities will be on the Petoskey campus.

The Boyne District Library will celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a day of service, stories, poetry, and community engagement. Activities are planned for all ages and groups: toddlers, preschoolers, students, adults, and families.