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Tip Up Town Site Was Vandalized, Asking For Volunteers To Clean Up

The Tip Up Town site in Houghton Lake was vandalized.

The Tip Up Town Director, Kim Aken says that metal stakes, fencing and a shed were destroyed.

Aken says that they did not file a police report because they do not know when the incident occurred.

The winter festival begins next weekend, and Tip Up Town are asking for volunteers to help put everything back together.

“It is so sad with all the time (by volunteers), energy, money put into this event which is for our community. This event gives our community a financial boost for the winter months. Also it has been history for the community which started 67 years ago,” Aken said. 

They are requesting volunteers at the Tip Up Town site in Houghton Lake on January 14 at 10 a.m.

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