U.S. Senate Takes First Step Toward Dismantling Affordable Care Act

The senate has passed a measure to take the first step in dismantling the affordable care act.

The measure passed 51 to 48 Thursday morning on a Republican-supported budget measure that carves a path to repeal legislation that could come to a vote next month.

In the meantime, Republicans have not been able to agree on what a replacement for the Affordable Care Act would look like.

President-elect Donald Trump said that repealing and replacing the law should happen simultaneously.

The house is expected to vote on the measure Friday.

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow released a statement Thursday morning on the 2017 fiscal year budget resolution on repealing the healthcare law.

Stabenow says "Republicans have pulled the first thread that will unravel our entire healthcare system. Rather than repealing health reform and weakening Medicare and Medicaid, Republicans should work with Democrats to improve care and lower healthcare costs for all Americans."