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Michigan State Police Celebrate 100 Years With Classic Color Patrol Cars

Michigan State Police are bringing a classic back to the road this year.

It’s part of their centennial celebration.

Wednesday, 50 black and gold Michigan State Police cruisers hit the road around the state.

The color scheme is the same as the first MSP patrol cars.

The cars debuted Wednesday to honor the 50 men who made up the first deployment of Michigan State troopers.

The MSP Traverse City Post says they love showing their car off around the community.

“We’ve gotten a lot of great reactions. We’ve put 50 in the field as of yesterday and even just going down to the gas station everybody’s giving you a thumbs up and saying, I really like the color, I really like the car,” says MSP Trooper Rich Hall. “So it’s been a great response and also just gives us another reason to engage the public so it’s been pretty nice.”

Troopers are also wearing the 1920’s campaign-style hats to celebrate 100 years.

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