Michigan Legislators Consider Saying Goodbye to Daylight Saving Time

“I’d hate to see it leave to be honest with you,” says Jim Camp.

The state of Michigan may choose to say goodbye to daylight saving time.

It’s all part of a new bill the Michigan House of Representatives introduced on Wednesday.

Michigan would choose to opt out of daylight saving time.

It’s a concept that years ago benefited farmers in the state.

But now legislators say they don’t see the need for it.

The bill would also put the entire state on Eastern Standard Time.

We talked to people in downtown Traverse City.

Some say it wouldn’t make a difference to them.

Others don’t want to see it go.

“I love daylight saving time for the summer. And the fact that in the winter time we just kind of hole up anyway. It’s nice that it stays light until 10 o’clock at night. You can do a lot of things,” says Jim Camp.

13 states considered getting rid of time changes in 2016.

Right now Hawaii and Arizona are the only state without daylight saving time.