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Kalkaska County Road Commission, Plow Companies Tackle Ice After Rain Mix

Promo Image: Kalkaska County Road Commission, Plow Companies Tackle Ice After Rain Mix

The back and forth between snow and rain continues to create sheets of ice.

Ice that road crews have to clear and it’s not an easy task.

 “We got thrown a mixed bag of all kinds of things this week.”

Snow is one thing and rain is another, but when it changes only hours apart it can become a problem.

John S. Rogers, Manager of the Kalkaska County Road Commission says, “The snow that was left Tuesday prior to the rain moving in was used as a sponge to absorb the water and in those circumstances you didn’t see a lot of ice accumulate, but where there was hard packed snow that is where it turned into ice.”

Kalkaska County road crews did what they could to remove the ice, but then close to six more inches of snow dumped on the county.

Rogers says, “Today would have been attacking what’s left of the ice, but because of last night’s snowfall we had to clear the roads again of the snow.”

Clearing ice can be a Catch-22, especially for A.M.O. Outdoor Services in Grand Traverse County.

President of the company, Adam Orth says, “There’s some driveways we actually have to scrape the snow off and then salt it and then come back in a little bit to try and finish it up or we try and do it while we’re there with the salt to give us some traction to get up the steep driveways.”

With the forecast settling down, they hope to finish the job at least until the next big snowfall.

Orth says, “Hopefully tonight once everybody’s home for the day we can get out on the commercial parking lots and roadways and stuff and get everything finally scraped down one last time.”