Northwest Community Action Agency Looking For Tax Prep Volunteers

Volunteers making a difference in people lives across northern Michigan through tax returns.

Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency says they’re looking for more.

Every year they look for volunteers to help low-income families from nine different counties prepare their taxes.

Volunteers get free training to help out those families from January to April.

Last year they filed 3,000 tax returns and did $3,000,000 in refunds.

Volunteer Larry Winter says it’s hearing about where the money goes that makes the experience special.

“A woman started crying when I gave her her refund and I didn’t know what I had done wrong and she said ‘Do you know what this means?’ And I said ‘No,’ and she says, ‘My disabled sister and I can now move out of this dump we’re living in and put a security deposit down on a nicer place.’”

Contact Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency at 231-346-2188 or 1-800-632-7334 to volunteer or to find out if you qualify for the program.