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Ladies in Traverse City Prepare for Women’s March on Washington

Promo Image: Ladies in Traverse City Prepare for Women’s March on Washington

“We have a little over 7,000 that we actually know of, we’re learning more and more about different people going,” says Phoebe Hopps.

Women gathering for a cause Wednesday night in Traverse City.

It’s all in preparation for the Women’s March on Washington.

Men and women from across the country will gather in DC the day after the presidents inauguration, to raise their voices about women’s rights and other issues.

In Michigan alone, over 5 thousand people will load 87 busses, while another 2 thousand are expected to travel by train, plane or car.

It’s a nationally organized group that intends to hold the United States government accountable for their decisions that primarily effect women and families.

Organizers of the group are concerned about the direction policies may go under a new administration and want their voices to be heard.

Wednesday night in Traverse City, many women gathered to create posters and signs in preparation for their pilgrimage to DC.

“It’s a movement towards a more united, United States. It’s also to let our voices be heard, for our new government to know what we need. This is not an opportunity for whining or to put down the office of the president elect, this is an opportunity for him to hear our voices,” says Phoebe Hopps, the organizer for the Michigan Chapter of the Women’s March on Washington.

And for those not traveling to DC, men and women will gather in cities across the state to raise awareness as well.