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Donald Trump Discusses Russia, Putting Business Assets In Trust

Promo Image: Donald Trump Discusses Russia, Putting Business Assets In Trust

President-elect Donald Trump opened up his first press conference in six months by saying recent attacks by national news outlets are "a political witch hunt".

The president-elect talked about bringing more jobs to the country.

When talking about jobs, the president-elect talked about being a job producer for the U.S.

Trump also discussed hacking, saying he thinks it was Russia, but other countries also hacked the DNC.

President-elect Trump also brought up his business that have made him millions.

Trump plans to put all of his business assets in a trust and hand control of his company to his two adult sons and a longtime business executive.

The change is to be made by Inauguration Day.

A lawyer says the Trump Organization will not do any new foreign deals but can pursue domestic ones. An ethics advisor will be appointed to its management team who must approve deals that could raise conflict concerns.

During the press conference, Trump also announced his choice to lead the Veterans Affairs department. Trump decided on David Shulkin, who is currently the department’s undersecretary for health.