Clare County Home Destroyed By Furnace Fire

A house, up in flames.

A man was just trying to light his furnace. 

The man is okay, but his home is destroyed. 

Fire crews got the call around 1 to a house on Maplewood Street and east Stockwell Road in Clare County. 

"I have to start all over again," said Joseph Moore.

Inside Joseph Moore’s house, cherished moments from his life. 

 "All the Harleys, all the pictures of my parents and my brothers they’re all gone. All stuff that can’t be replaced. I’ve had it for 30 40 years. Now it’s all memory," he said.

Joseph and his neighbor lit the pilot light on his furnace. They turned up the thermostat, and in the blink of an eye, the unthinkable happened. 

"The furnace kicked on and it was just flames after that I don’t know where they came from but it was a big ball of flames," he said.

Joseph and his neighbor ran out. His cat did not make it out. Now Joseph has to start over. 

"His burners could have had debris on it when he lit it off the gas may not have been the way it should have which caused a roll out, flames to come out of the furnace and start a fire," said William Cosway.

What happened is heartbreaking, but it’s something CW Plumbing And Heating owner William Cosway has seen before.
He says pay attention to your furnace. 

"It’s a good idea to have them checked out every year or so at least within a two year span. A lot of people don’t have them checked out for 10 or 15 years. I’ve run in to a lot of stuff where burners blow out flames blow out the front which could be prevented by some maintenance," William said.