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Cadillac Auto-Shop Calls To Community For Rebuilding Help

Promo Image: Cadillac Auto-Shop Calls To Community For Rebuilding Help

A Cadillac auto-shop is looking to the community for help in rebuilding after fire destroyed their family business.

JT’s Affordable Auto Care has served the Cadillac community for 31 years.

In that time, their customers have become their friend and those friends say they’re actually more like family.

Now the business is asking for their help.

The fire at JT’s was more than what firefighters refer to as a total loss of a building.

For family and friends, it was a community loss too.

When asks what happened the morning of the fire, JT tells us, “When I got the call it was my dad and it was pretty saddening. He was crying when he called me then we had to come out here and it’s just been there’s so many memories here we’ve lost everything”

The ruins JT and his wife now walk around are what’s left of a building the family built their lives around.

“There’s just a lot of attachments as I met my wife here Becky,” says JT.

“Memories of race cars getting built in here all of our play cars, hot rods and race cars, it’s just all part of us.”

JT and his family used this building to serve the community for 31 years, now JT says they’re asking for your help, “e didn’t realize that this fire was gonna bring us this far down, you know were a month into it now and we didn’t realize we were gonna be this broke.”

The families insurance isn’t going to cover nearly enough, so now they’re raising money through a GoFundMe account.

20 customer Julie Theobald explains why she thinks why the community should step up, “Cause they’ve always helped everybody else, they don’t bat an eye, anytime anybody needs help, they’re right there to do it.”

Because when it comes to a business like JT’s, Julie tells us, a customer is not just a customer, “We’re not blood, but the minute you’re a part of their family, you’re family, You are their blood.”

JT and his family have raised some money to rebuild, but are still far from their goal.

If you’d like to help this community business out, click .