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Upper Peninsula Drivers Experience Dangerous, Snowy Roads

Promo Image: Upper Peninsula Drivers Experience Dangerous, Snowy Roads

More snow’s been hammering on the eastern Upper Peninsula all day long.

Lots of slide offs in and around Sault Ste. Marie as drivers try to make their way through the snowy conditions. 

The snow just won’t stop falling, and the roads are a sloppy mess that is making it dangerous to be on the road.

 “It’s nerve racking but you just go slow, leave early or be late and take the time. That’s all you can really do,” says Kory Garland.

It’s a messy day for drivers that keeps getting worse.

Chippewa County Sheriff Mike Bitnar is urging drivers to stay off the roads if they can.

 “Most of the people we come across that are in the ditch are going somewhere where they don’t need to be,” explains Sheriff Bitnar.

Kory Garland had to drive 20 miles to and from Kinross Tuesday morning for work.

He said Tuesday morning was OK, but the drive home was a mess.

“Cars are behind you and you just kind of try to follow their tail lights and follow the tire tracks in the snow, and hope that no on stops in front of you because you cannot see, and you will not stop in time,” says Garland.

Garland made it back to the Soo safe, but he agrees no one should go out right now.

“If you don’t have to go anywhere tonight, I wouldn’t do it,” says Garland.

Sheriff Bitnar says one of his deputies came inches from being hit during another storm.

He is urging everyone to please slow down, especially around emergency vehicles and plow trucks, and get over if you can.