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Kingsley Area Schools Calls Fourth Snow Day to Keep Students Safe

Tuesday morning’s weather closed dozens of schools around Northern Michigan.

Kingsley Area Schools has their fourth snow day this season.

The state gives six snow days.

If schools take more than that, they have to make it up in June.

But the Kingsley Area Schools superintendent says he doesn’t let that play a role in his decision.

20% of their students travel from outside the district.

It’s always about keeping the students safe on the roads, at the bus stop, and while walking to school.

“Every day is unique. There’s not a specific handbook for why you close school,” says Dr. Keith Smith, Kingsley Area Schools superintendent. “This morning we had roads heavily drifted and they were very icy. As we were checking roads and we’d try to stop the truck we’d slide several hundred feet and that was quite a concern this morning.”

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