Mount Pleasant Police Arrest Man Accused Of Carrying Meth, BB Gun In Parking Lot

Mount Pleasant police say they found almost a half-ounce of meth on a man who was walking around their back parking lot.

He is now charged with having the drug.

Mount Pleasant police say they noticed William Gonzalez walking around in the lot behind their station Thursday afternoon.

When they approached him, he ran away. 

As he left, the man dropped a hat and a BB gun that looked like the real thing.

Police caught up to Gonzalez at a few blocks away, where they found the almost half-ounce of meth.  

“The scary part is making that judgment call whether it’s a real weapon or not, so something we want to remind people is there’s a time and place for people to have their BB guns, and carrying them around in public is not the place to do it,” says Jeff Browne, Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Police believe Gonzalez was also on some sort of drugs.

He is charged with delivery-manufacturing meth, having the drug and felony firearm of pneumatic BB gun.