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Mesick Community Comes Together After Tragic Death

Promo Image: Mesick Community Comes Together After Tragic Death

Deputies say dangerous road conditions were a factor in a crash that killed two women over the weekend.

The victims were Rebecca Quade of Mesick and Jacquelyn Ursum of Irons.

 Deputies say it happened just after 3 Sunday afternoon on M-37 north of Mesick.       

They say Quade was going south on M-37 when she lost control and crossed the centerline into the path of an oncoming car.

Ursum was a passenger in the other car.

 Deputies say neither woman was wearing a seat belt.

It’s a tragic reminder about taking it slow on slick roads.

Monday we learned Quade was actively involved in Mesick Schools.

Rebecca Quade was a fixture in the Mesick Schools community, from junior class advisor to Vice President of the athletic boosters, she touched the lives of countless students that walk these halls.

“She was just generous and giving. She was kind to everyone she met, very soft spoken but you knew that her heart was in it for the kids,” said Principal Scott Morey.  

Her love for kids and constant presence earned her the nickname Mamma Quade.

“Wonderful lady, very giving to the kids, to the community, she would do anything for you, she was a mother to a lot of our students a second mom, one in a million. The kids knew they had someone to go to. She would tell them when they made good choices and made bad choices. She was a staple here at the school,” said Superintendent Scott Akom.  

Students spent the day signing a poster, leaving messages of love and memories for the family. Some even took the times to make cards.

“She just loved everybody, she loved life, she loved her children and her family and her husband and just everybody. She was one person you could call and talk to and she’d sit and listen to you. When you first saw her you just loved her,” said family friend Patty Salter.

Memories and entire community is now holding onto.

“She’s irreplaceable. I know we’ll make it through, we’re a strong, tight knit community and we’ll hang together and make it through, but she’s irreplaceable,” said Morey.