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McBain Dairy Farm Recognized for Highest Quality Milk of 2016

Promo Image: McBain Dairy Farm Recognized for Highest Quality Milk of 2016

Dairy farms are a major economic backbone in Northern Michigan.

So when one of those farms has the best milk out of four different states, it’s a big deal.

NorthStar Cooperative recently recognized Bosscher Dairy in McBain for producing the highest quality milk of 2016.

The survey polled more than 1,340 dairy providers and 455,000 cows in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Out of all of them, the milk coming from Bosscher Dairy came out as having the lowest average Somatic Cell Count (SCC).

That means it is less likely to carry harmful bacteria.

“It really reflects the health of the cow,” says Mike Bosscher, who owns Bosscher Dairy alongside his wife. “The lower the Somatic Cell, the healthier this cow is to produce real healthy milk and it’s something that is derived strictly on numbers. This is not someone voting you in or anything. This is the numbers that you achieve.

Bosscher says the credit isn’t his, alone.

“This is nothing that you can just achieve overnight. This is nothing you can achieve on your own,” Bosscher says. "It’s definitely a team effort and Joe Culhawick is my herdsman and he is, him and his wife, Ruth, and their team that works underneath them are really directly responsible for this."

While there is no payout for the recognition, Bosscher says this is what the farm will continue to strive for in the future.

“It’s an honor to have that,” Bosscher says. “You always strive to do the best that you can.”