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Emmet County Plows Busy With Clean-Up During Constant Snowfall

Promo Image: Emmet County Plows Busy With Clean-Up During Constant Snowfall

The snow has been coming down for close to a week at the Tip of the Mitt.

That has been keeping local plows busy cleaning streets, residential areas and businesses.

Emmet County plow drivers say they have been out every day, early in the morning to make sure they can get the job done.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik have more details on keeping up with the constant snowfall.

"They talked about it in the old days, how it used to snow for days and days and you know can kind of getting a taste of that," Keller Caretaking LLC owner Mark Keller said. "Seemed like it’s never ending." 

The Tip of the Mitt is a blanket of white from the snow that just won’t stop falling.

Plow companies like Drost Landscape of Northern Michigan say it’s kept their plows going non-stop.

"Typically start, give or take, around two in the morning and plow until they’re done," Drost Landscape of Northern Michigan division manager Travis Noel said.

That can take anywhere from four hours to 10 hours depending on the day and after several days in a row, they start to feel it.

"The first day or two, it’s not bad at all," Noel said. "Three or four, five, six in a row of being up all night, taking a nap in the afternoon isn’t always fun."

Keller Caretaking LLC says they’ve already seen a huge change this winter compared to last year.

"It’s been a severe uptick compared to what, you know, what we’re used to, you know, kind of this early in the year," Keller said. 

Seeing more snow this year was expected, so they’re working to keep up. 

"We like to keep things open and make sure everyone can get around and so everyone is safe and things are clear," Keller said.

It’s particularly important when rain is in the forecast that plows are on top of it, so roads and driveways don’t get worse.

"We try to make sure everything is cleaned up so if it does rain and freeze, we don’t have a big mess on our hands," Noel said.