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Isabella County Racing Community Remembers Snowmobile Racer Killed in Accident

Promo Image: Isabella County Racing Community Remembers Snowmobile Racer Killed in Accident

Friends and family remembering the life of Billy Joe Travis, after he died in a snowmobile race this weekend.            

Travis was racing at the Isabella County Fairgrounds Friday night when he fell off his sled and was hit by two other snowmobiles.

“He’s happy, and goofy and smiling all the time, was always willing to help he’s got a passion for it,” said Michelle Ellis of No Bull Triple Crown Race Operations.  

That’s how fellow snowmobile racers are remembering Billy Joe Travis after Travis was killed while in a race in the No Bull Triple Crown Friday night. They say racing was Billy’s passion.

“Yesterday was somber. It was felt throughout the whole racing community, some racers grouped together to pray, they took knees at accident spots, some wanted to get back on the track and some wanted to race it for Billy and some their minds weren’t in it to do it,” said Ellis.  

While the competition continued Saturday, what happened Friday night weighed heavily on everyone.

“It can change your mindset and it brings up that thought, and that little guy in the back of your head that says that could happen to me and then the fear kicks in,” said former racer Mike Higgins.  

“As a professional snow mobile racer, I have been involved with a few of these over the years and we all know it can happen and we hate it. You know everyone processes things like this differently. I was always a guy that got right back on the sled and wanted to go.  I had a lot of drivers come up to me after the race and said, what do I do? I said if you don’t know what to do, don’t get back on the track, and let it settle.”

As the laps continued, and sleds roared everyone kept Billy and his family close to their hearts.

“It’s a big family, and a lot of us have been together for years and everyone’s kind of got to process and we will all move forward,” said Higgins.

For a link to a Go Fund Me page, click . 

The funeral will take place Tuesday January 10th at the Community Center in Hillman. The Viewing will be from 11am to 2pm, and the service will follow.

The family asks that you come dressed as he would in boots, jeans, camo or flannel.