Anglers Shopping For Bait At Jay’s Sporting Goods In Clare

Lakes across Northern Michigan, frozen and perfect for ice fisherman to spend the day out on the ice looking for a bite.

That means local sporting goods stores were busy, including Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare.

They say now with a number of lakes frozen, people are spending their weekends fishing.

Which means a crowded store as fisherman come in looking for supplies and bait before heading out on the lake.

The fishing manager at Jay’s say’s it’s important to make sure you have the right bait.

“With live bait, the bait gets used and it gets wore out so to speak, it’s not as lively or appealing to the fish. With the soft plastics you can impart a certain action on it and it will remain active throughout your fishing session,” says Mike Horswill, fishing manager.

Along with having the right bait, they say it’s also important to make sure you stay safe on the ice.