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Cadillac Working Parent Snow Day Solutions

Promo Image: Cadillac Working Parent Snow Day Solutions

When most kids see their schools name scrolling in the school closings on Michigan This Morning, it typically means a day of relaxation.

However, for parents who still have to go into work it means something quite different.

Working mom of three, Niki Schultz, tells us snow days are always somewhat of a scramble, “Usually when I get the phone call, I’m instantly thinking you know where are the kids gonna be at today.”

Niki has tried everything from bringing them to work to calling a last minute friend, but she says having a safe last minute place for her kids to go, that would be a game changer; “I have brought them to work with me which is never a fabulous idea. Being able to drop them off in a safe fun environment that they want to go to is super important to me.”

Cadillac’s YMCA has an option.

It offers a last minute daycare for kids ages eleven and up starting at 6 a.m.

Executive Director at Cadillac YMCA, Dan Smith tells us, “They make new friends, they stay active and they get to feel like they’re independent and just having a fun day.”

For younger children The Emmanuel Lutheran church in Cadillac offers last minute snow day play as long as parents have filled out safety paperwork.

“On snow days it’s a last minute springing on you kinda thing but we always have a craft in the morning and a special activity in the noon to keep them busy,” says Church Director, Jayne Foster.

These programs keep kids active and happy so at the end of the day parents like Niki and kids can have a stress-free snow day.

“I know that they’re gonna be taken care of, I know that there’s gonna be something for them to do, and I know that they’re gonna have friends there and that they’re gonna have a good day,” says Niki.

Other tips for working parents are to have a babysitter on call or start a parents watch club, taking turns taking days off when the kids are.