Snyder Approves Increasing Speed Limits On Some Rural Highways

Drivers are a step closer to seeing new speed limits on 1,500 miles of rural highways in Michigan.

Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation Thursday. It will let drivers go faster as long as a safety study shows the limits are safe.

The bill gives the green light to a 75 mile per hour speed limit on 600 miles of freeways, and a 65 mile per hour limit on 900 miles of other roads.

The limits will be raised within a year if that study shows it is OK, and the new limits are no more than what 15 percent of traffic is exceeding.

The governor also said no to a couple of measures Thursday.

One would have allowed billboards to be built on school property.

Snyder said it would have cost the state around $100 million in federal funding.

He also vetoed a bill that would have removed training and certification requirements for wild mushroom pickers who sell morel mushrooms to food establishments.

Snyder said there have been increased poisonings, and it’s important that mushrooms meet the same safety standards as other products.