Michigan Bill To Ban Local Government Restriction On Plastics Now Law

A bill to ban local governments from regulating restaurant plastic use is now a Michigan law.

Michigan Lieutenant Governor, Brian Calley, signed a bill that doesn’t allow local governments to ban plastic bags and other disposable containers.

While many people who are pro-recycling think restricting plastics is necessary, many restaurant owners have mixed feelings about the new law.

Clam Lake Kitchen Manager, Paul Elwood says, “I think it’s important to a lot of industries other than just restaurants because it’s just a simply fact of over regulation and over reaching for the government of what they should or shouldn’t be allowed to determine.”

While Luke Mattison, Co-Owner of Miss Greens Recycling thinks, “Americans we don’t really like being mandated to do anything, but it’s good to be encouraged to recycle. It helps our environment and the products already there, the product that can be reused again so it’s ridiculous to throw it in a landfill.”

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley signed the bill as Governor Rick Snyder was out of state.