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Leland Harbor Could Soon Close If Not Dredged

A Northern Michigan harbor may close if it doesn’t get some money quickly.

The Leland Harbor needs to be dredged every year because of the sand that moves up and down.

The township supervisor says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used to dredge, but Congress has stopped their funding for projects like this.

At this point, the harbor hasn’t been dredged since 2014.

That’s caused major problems, and the harbor may be forced to close if it’s not fixed soon.

The supervisor says they are looking to buy their own dredge to keep on site and do the work themselves.

 “If you’re sailing the Chicago Mackinac and your rudder falls off, as happened last summer, sorry. We don’t have a way to help you. If someone’s drowning out there and you need the sheriff’s boat, sorry,” says Susan Och, Leland Township supervisor.

A fundraiser has been set up so Leland can buy their own dredge and do the work themselves.  

That would cost about $500,000.

Leland has about $300,000 and fundraising brought in another $68,000, but they still need to make up about $150,000 to have the harbor ready for this summer. To donate, click


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