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Governor Snyder Approves Speed Limit Increase On Some Michigan Freeways

Drivers on some Northern Michigan freeways will be able hit the gas a little harder after a new bill was signed into law Thursday morning.

Governor Snyder signed legislation Thursday that will raise the speed limit on certain segments of rural highways.

But don’t speed up just yet.

Roughly 600 miles of roadway will see the speed limit raised to 75 miles per hour.

For 900 miles of other rural highway, it is 65 miles per hour.

But first, a study has to make sure the changes are safe.

The adjustment will only impact roads that have been found to have higher speeds of traffic already.

Many Northern Michigan drivers say it’s a change they’ve been looking forward to.

“Other states are 75, so I think it’s a good idea,” says Michigan driver, Cale Meyer. “I think 70 is a little slow for the freeway speed, so I’m all for it.”

The speed changes will go into effect within a year following that safety impact study. 

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