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Classic Cars Make Pit Stop In Traverse City

Every year, a group of classic car enthusiasts drives across the country for the International Auto Show in Detroit.

Thursday, they made a little pit stop in Traverse City.

It’s called the drive home.

This morning a 1955 Nomad, 1967 Mustang, and 1917 Crane-Simplex, once owned by John D. Rockefeller were on display at MFD Classic Motors.

It’s a chance to show off that rich American car heritage.

And a great place to do it, they say Traverse City holds a special place in the American car lover’s heart.

“Traverse City really is a car place with Hagerty which is one of our sponsors, that’s one of the reasons we came here because this really is a car town, car enthusiasts town so we had to come to Traverse City,” says David Madeira, CEO of America’s Automotive Trust.

The cars pulled into Detroit Thursday night for the start of the auto show on Sunday.

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