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Antrim County Tow Truck Drivers Busy Responding To Accidents

Promo Image: Antrim County Tow Truck Drivers Busy Responding To Accidents

Roads across Northern Michigan have been a problem for drivers all day.

Antrim County had several slide-offs along US 131 Thursday morning.

The Antrim County Road Commission has been out repeatedly clearing US 131, but that doesn’t mean the roads are clear and dry. 

Tow trucks drivers say this is when people think they can start driving faster, and accidents happen.

“When they can see good they go a little faster and then slide off and go into a ditch,” says Bob Olds, B&D Trucks.

It was a morning of slide offs in Antrim County.

The sheriff’s office and tow trucks were busy responding.

“It’s been pretty busy, the last few days have been. Yesterday and today have been pretty hectic with people driving up these roads,” says Bob.

When the roads are snow covered and the temperatures are low, things get icy.

“In this cold weather, all the roads are snow covered and slippery. The bridges will ice over, too, but it’s definitely snow covered and slippery no matter where you’re at,” Bob tells us.

Bob says when he’s out responding to calls he turns on his warning light, and asks that other drivers use their lights too.

“That’s a big thing. The more lights the better, no matter what,” says Bob.

For all drivers, it’s about being prepared.

“Extra gloves, hats, if you do have proper snow gear put it on before you leave, because you just don’t know what can happen. That’s how I look at it,” explains driver Kimberly Woollard.

Always remember to have a fully charged cell phone with you too so you can call for help if you get stuck.