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86-Year-Old Man Drives Car Into East Grand Traverse Bay

Promo Image: 86-Year-Old Man Drives Car Into East Grand Traverse Bay

A driver got into big trouble on U.S. 31 in Acme Township Thursday.

His car landed in Grand Traverse Bay.

Deputies say the 86-year-old man drove through oncoming traffic into East Bay.

He’s okay, but was cited for careless driving.

“People were coming in just like, ‘Oh my god did you see that?’”

It’s not every day you drive past the beautiful East Grand Traverse Bay and a car is halfway into the shore.

Jesy Parrish works across the road at Zany Consignment Boutique and says accidents happen on U.S. 31 often.

But they never land in the bay like Thursday.

She says, “You’re driving right next to the lane, going the opposite direction. I actually got in a car accident on the stretch when someone crossed lanes so yea, it’s scary you have to be very cautious.”           

The assistant chief of Grand Traverse Metro Fire, Steve Apostle says the 86-year-old man was heading towards Acme and he’s lucky that there was no oncoming traffic as he slid through the lanes and into Grand Traverse Bay.

“When I entered the vehicle, started talking to him he was completely conscious said he was fine. He was seat belted, wasn’t complaining of any injuries whatsoever he just had his feet up on the passenger seat so they could stay dry.”

And while this may have ended safely that isn’t always the guarantee, especially when the weather changes gears.

Assistant Chief Apostle says, “This could certainly happen to anybody especially if you’re driving too fast for the icy conditions it just takes a moment to lose control of a vehicle and you can end up in this situation it could happen to anybody out on the roadways.”

Jesy Parrish says, “The more people know about it the more cautious people will be because it definitely is possible this strip gets really icy.”

The driver was ticketed for careless driving and will seek driving review from the Secretary of State.