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Six Clare County Dogs Shot Dead In Four Months

Six dogs shot dead, in just four months in Clare County.

Clare County animal control says it’s a troubling trend and not at all how people should be handling nuisance animals.

The dog shootings are widespread, it has happened in five different townships throughout Clare County.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was looking into the spike in deadly violence against pets.

Clare County animal control is concerned with the number of dog shootings in just four months, they just hope the shootings stop.

“It’s just unreal that we have had so many in such a short time and that people are actually taking things into their own hands and just shooting a neighbor’s dog for running across their property,” says Ruanne Hicks, Director of Clare County  Animal Control.

Director of Animal Control in Clare County, Ruanne Hicks says the dog shootings have gotten out of control.

“You have every right to defend yourself if a dog’s attacking you or your animals or your children, but you don’t have the right to shoot a dog for running across your yard,” says Hicks.

In the last four months there have been six different instances where seven dogs total have been shot.

Six are dead. One was belle a Boston Terrier, shot by a neighbor.

“Still hard to believe that she is gone and someone actually shot and killed her. She didn’t die of natural causes,” says Kasee Nicholson, owner.

Bella’s owners did not wish to go on camera, but are shocked at how often dog shootings are happening.

“It’s really sad because people think they have a right to kill someone else’s animal and especially get away with it,” says Nicholson.

In Bella’s case, Nicholas Sharp was convicted of animal cruelty and unlawful discharge of weapon in residential area. He was fined and given probation. There are two other cases that are expected to go to court soon.

“There are leash laws in Michigan, a lot of people don’t follow them obviously, but there are penalties for not keeping your dog tied, so the first order of business is if the dog is running loose, is to call animal control and we will go out and we will address the owners,” says Hicks.

Hicks says if you do find a dog on your property please call your local animal control.

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