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Roscommon Center Explains Why You Should Keep Dieting Simple

Promo Image: Roscommon Center Explains Why You Should Keep Dieting Simple

Many times, when people want to lose weight they want to lose it fast.

One Roscommon man explains to not sweat the small stuff, keep dieting simple.

David Mcintyre started working out and dieting two years ago with a main goal of losing weight

He tells us, “About two and a half years ago I was about 315lbs and I came in here really confused and didn’t know what to do.”

David originally tried to lose the weight by trying fad diets like the Kito diet, cutting out carbs, and taking in high amounts of fats while working out.

“First it was the low carb diet and after feeling groggy and terrible I stopped doing that,” says David.

So David switched things up and simply tried eating healthier foods in moderation and lost 100lbs.

David says, “I don’t do anything crazy, if it’s healthy I eat it. I don’t really deprive myself of fats, I don’t deprive myself of carbs or protein I just eat what’s healthy.”

Fitness instructor at Roscommon’s Craf Center, Jeff Baerlocher explains why getting all the right nutrients is so important, “The cleaner the food, the easier it is for your body to process it, turn it into quality energy and not fat stores.”

To lose weight and keep it off, Jeff says, moderate healthy-eating and exercise go hand-in-hand, “The hard shrill reality is, you gotta watch what’s going in your mouth and burn it up on the other end.”

If you do plan on starting a new diet this new year talk to a dietician or a trainer at your gym to make sure your diet is safe for your body, short term and long term.