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Houghton Lake MSP Trooper Rear-Ended in Kalkaska County

A perilous situation on a foggy and icy road Tuesday morning could have ended much worse for a state trooper after someone rear-ended him.

The trooper’s cruiser was hit on M-72 in Kalkaska County line around 5 a.m., closing the road for several hours.

Investigators say the trooper was moving a dead deer off of the road when a car lost control.

They say he managed to jump back into the cruiser just before the car hit him.

Troopers say the woman driving the car was going too fast for conditions.

"The violation of basic speed law just requires motorists to maintain control of their vehicle at all, times, no matter what conditions are, whether it’s snow, ice, fog, whatever it may be, and every person’s ability is different,” says Sgt. Scott Bates, MSP Houghton Lake Post.

The driver was cited for violating the basic speed law.

The trooper, the driver and her passenger were treated and released at the scene.

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