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Gaylord Breaks Record for Snowiest December

The snow is pretty much always welcome in Gaylord, a city that just broke their record for their snowiest December.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik spoke to long-time Gaylord locals about the big change they saw compared to last year.

60.1 inches of snow fell on the city of Gaylord in the month of December, breaking the record by three inches and being almost 30 inches above the normal average and people say it’s just part of living in the area 

"It’s pretty cool," Gaylord Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau executive director Paul Beachnau said. "We love breaking records when they’re good ones." 

All of that snow comes after below average snowfall, only 13.9 inches last December, something Gaylord locals like Paul Beachnau say is unusual.

"I’ve seen pretty much everything and it is very, very strange in 2015 for us not to really have any snow, to have warm weather," Beachnau said. "I’ve only seen it twice and last year was the second time." 

A snowy winter is not only something many locals love, but they know it’s vital for businesses.

"I think I’m liking this winter," Gaylord resident Jeanne Wright said. "I’m okay that it’s broken some records, brought more business to town. Yeah, I think that’s good for Gaylord." 

While a long winter of shoveling, snowblowing and driving in rough conditions can get old, Jeanne Wright says there’s nothing like the beauty of waking up to a fresh snowfall.

"It’s pretty much surreal," Wright said. "If you look off to where the sun comes up, you find that the sky is purple and pink and just gorgeous and then the snow fall before any critters have gone through. It’s just almost magical." 

"It makes us the Alpine Village," Beachnau said. 

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