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Clare Firefighter Hurt During One Of Two Fires

Promo Image: Clare Firefighter Hurt During One Of Two Fires

A firefighter has a number of broken bones to show for a fall of around 15 feet to the ground, while battling a fire in Clare County.

Fire crews were on scene at the Clare County business when Sam Eberhart fell through the burning attic.

That fire started around 7:45 this morning in Grant Township, at Husky Metal Roofs.

While battling that fire, the crew was called to a house fire in Isabella County.

By the time firefighters got there, it was already destroyed.

A family of six was inside when the fire started.

Everyone was able to get out, but it took firefighters several hours to put out the flames.

To put out that second fire, crews had to split up.

While fighting both fires, they also had firefighter Sam Eberhart on their minds.

Fox 32’s Taylor Jones was at both scenes Tuesday and brings us more details on how crews handled this hard day.

A difficult day for firefighters as they had to split up Tuesday to battle two fires, all while knowing one of their own was hurt in the hospital.

“Sometimes we can go months without a fire sometimes that is how it goes, one call to the next and then you might not have a one for a few weeks. It’s been a busy day,” says Chad Michaels, Clare Fire Department Captain.

It all started when they responded to a call from Husky Metal Roofs in Clare County for a fire that started in an attic, that’s when things got scary.

“We had a firefighter fall through the ceiling. In this particular case, the rafters had burnt through in spots so we had some ladders up there to walk on and I don’t know exactly what happened, but some of the truss cords were burnt away so that’s apparently where he fell through,” says Jeff Michaels, Clare Fire Department Firefighter.

We are learning now that Sam Eberhart has been taken to a Detroit hospital and has a fractured pelvis and hip. With one of their own down and fire crews splitting up to go to the house fire in Isabella County, crews had a difficult task.

“We had to split our department up as well as incoming mutual aid. We had units still at that fire, we had some coming here, like we say low man power, we’re short man power,” says Chad Michaels.

Crews were able to do everything they could for both fires and now are just rooting for their fellow firefighter’s health.

“Hopefully he’s not hurt too bad. He’s also a city employee, he has a couple of little kids he’s pretty tough so once they figure out what’s wrong with him, they will get him on the path to get him back in service,” says Jeff Michaels.

Both fires are not suspicious and investigators will be on the scene of both determining the causes.