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Clare County Firefighter Hurt While Battling Business Fire

Promo Image: Clare County Firefighter Hurt While Battling Business Fire

A firefighter battling a fire in Clare County was hurt after falling 15 feet through a roof.

The crews were at the fire at a Clare County business when Sam Eberhart was hurt.

That fire started around 7:45 Tuesday morning in Grant Township at Husky Metal Roofs.

Eberhart was in the attic of the building trying to put out the fire when he fell about 15 feet.

Now he is in a Detroit hospital with some broken bones.

Crews say the fire started inside the attic, which is why they were attacking from up above. 

Eberhart was conscious when paramedics took him to the hospital.

His friends and co-workers are just hoping he recovers soon.  

While battling that fire, some of their crew was called to a house fire in Isabella County.

By the time firefighters got to the house, it was already destroyed.

A family of six was inside when the fire started.

Everyone was able to get out, but it took firefighters several hours to put the fire out.

“The feeling that I had my stomach was just all in a knot and my head just was buzzing. I went to grab a jacket, I couldn’t even focus on what was happening,” says homeowner Shane Sysak.

Investigators don’t know how it started, but don’t think it’s suspicious.

The owner of the home is just happy his tenets got out safely.