Traverse City Rings in New Year at CherryT Ball Drop

Thousands of people packed into Downtown Traverse City to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The CherryT Ball drop brings people from all over the country to Downtown Traverse City to ring in the New Year.

Thousands of people packed into Downtown Traverse City with their eyes focused on the centerpiece of the celebration.

“We never dreamed we’d do that. We’ve been walking up and down the street trying to find the cherry and oh my gosh here it is,” said Mark Johnson.

The Johnson family traveled from Illinois to experience New Year ’s Eve in Northern Michigan.

“It’s nice to go down the street, everything is sparkling, and there are people dressed up and having a good time. It seems like it’s going to be a real special occasion tonight,” says Mark Johnson.   

The CherryT Ball drop started 8 years ago as a party with a purpose.

This year, donations were collected for the Salvation Army.

“I’ve been here about five different times and it’s a wonderful community event. It’s fun, people are excited, and it brings the community together. You’ve got the little kids, you’ve the dogs, you’ve got the whole family, and that’s what Traverse City really is about. We’re a great community here and it’s a wonderful, supportive place,” says Ruth Blick of the Salvation Army.

As we continue to celebrate and countdown to midnight, everyone’s getting ready to say happy New Year!

Over the last 8 years the CherryT Ball drop has been able to collect over $71,000  for local charities.